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Having walked and driven around the streets of Alghero, seen the “Vendesi” signs on the doors, gates and windows, visited estate agents and talked to property professionals I now understand why there is a

Yes ... it's for sale

Yes … it’s for sale

problem with the property market in Italy, if not just in Alghero itself.

The agents want 3% off the buyer and the same of the seller. That’s a whopping 6% for doing very little indeed. Compare that with 1.5% for the vender only in the UK and it easy to understand why so many buyers are put off at the first hurdle.

Launched in early February 2015 this website will offer venders the opportunity to display their properties in Alghero, for a fraction of the charge made by the estate agents, on a “no sale no advertising fee” basis

At launch the stock of Alghero properties was very limited, but in time I hope to expand this to several hundred, so please come back again and take a look. The least you will save is 3% and who knows the seller can always talk freely with you and negotiate a fair deal without an estate agents interference.

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