Why Live In Alghero

Why buy a property in Alghero and not somewhere else on the island?

First of all, like all places on Sardinia it is warm and sunny just about every month of the year. January and February sees some rain, winds and maybe frost in the hollows, but that’s it. There are citrus fruits on the trees all the year round and sunbathing in January is not at all unusual. It is a great place to spend the winter. Alghero tends to be greener and more fertile than other parts of Sardinia as the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea on the doorstep makes itself felt.

Secondly it is an all round year destination and not just a tourist town. It has a life in the winter when all the tourists are gone, unlike the Costa Smerelda which goes to sleep, and so many places close their doors.

There are festivals all the year round and although the town gets inundated in July and August, with parking places at a premium, out of season it is still warm and sunny and you don’t have to queue for a table at a restaurant.

Alghero has its own beaches but only a short drive will get you to even better secluded coves and small beaches with golden sand and emerald blue sea.
I have personally seen dolphins pass me by at Porto Ferro while strolling down to the beach for a swim and a beer at the cafe. On a typical day there is a discussion about which beach to go to as there are so many to choose from.

The popularity of Alghero is reflected in the property prices. You can get more bricks and mortar for your trebuchet at nighteuro in other locations but you wont get the ambience and the certainty of a life outside the hustle and bustle of tourism. The town itself has two distinct parts. The new and the old. The old historic town has remained unchanged for centuries and the sea walls are still protected by symbolic but authentic cannon and trebuchet to fight off invading ships. Just a short stroll will get you to modern bright and shiny department stores and supermarkets catering for every need.

However, because it is also a very popular tourist destination you will get all the good things to do that a typical holiday maker demands. Diving, fishing, tour boats, fantastic restaurants and bars, bicycle and car hire and sun-baked outside street cafes.

The variety of food is an eye opener. All things from the sea are on the menu including lobster, squid, octopus, swordfish and sea urchins. Being Italian the pasta has to be first class if the restaurant is to see any repeat trade. Wines are unbeatable with even the house wine a treat for the palate. At the supermarkets you can buy a very good wine for 4 euros a bottle and be spoiled for choice. The locals are very proud of their wines so Alghero is a great place to be if you like to sample wines.