Annual Events

There is always something going on in Alghero and the annual festivals are just one reason to consider buying a property to either live or rent out to tourists in Alghero.

New Year (Capo D’ Anno) kicks of with a BANG! and is celebrated with a variety of live music or performers on stage, in most of the piazzas in the “Old Town,”

Not to be missed is the new year countdown and immediate spectacular firework display over Alghero harbour.  It is a very lively evening with firecrackers in the streets and all the tables in the local restaurants fully booked out and reserved.

Some bars are open all night long and the revellers see the dawn in with the sun rising over Alghero the following morning.

April sees a truly cutlural event representing its Catalan roots for the region, with the Riti della Settimana Santa, or holy week. This is followed by more Easter celebrations that originated from the time when it was under Catalan’s ruling.

August.  15th sees one of the liveliest  festivals of summer, the “Ferragosto”

“Festa Sant Miquel”, on 28th September is noisily celebrated with fireworks as the patron saint of Alghero is celebrated.

Later in the year, in November is the Festival di Santa Cecilia, a religious and music festival.


Food: Variety of food is a well known feature of life in Alghero and of particular interest is the period 6 th January – 11 th February known as “Sagra del Bogamari” or the Festival of the Sea Urchin or Ricci to give them their Italian name.   The festival takes its name from the time, when under Catalan rule, fishermen walked the streets calling “Booga…….Booga……   Mari!!”

On every weekend, between 10am – 2pm, in a marquee, with seating for 200, sited on Lungomare Barcelona, one can savour sea urchins (already cut open for you), bread and a glass of local wine for a fixed price of €5.

The theme is also picked up by eleven of the local restaurants, all of whom offer dishes created around the sea urchin, such as Spaghetti al Riccio di mare andTrenette ai Ricci.

Some of the restaurants taking part in this festival are:   Dieci Metri, Via Barcellonetta, Andreini, Via Ardoino, Bella Napoli, Piazza Civica, Casablanca, Via Principe Umberto, Da Pietro,’Via A. Machin, Maristella, Via F.lli.   Kennedy, Al Tuguri,’Via Majorca, Il Pavone, Piazza Sulis, Il Vicere, Via Sant Erasmo, Posda Del Mar, Vicolo Adami and Taverna Paradiso.


Cavalcata Sarda:  Over a century has passed since 1899, when the first “Cavalcata Sarda” was organised to honour the visit of King Umberto and Queen Margherita and still the event retains its original appeal.

On the second to last Sunday in May, hundreds of horsemen and horsewomen from every part of Sardinia set off to Sassari to gather at the annual, un-missable meeting – over 300 people, wearing traditional costume, liven up one of the most lavish and amazing parades of the island.  A living repertoire of different, multicoloured costumes – embellished with jewels and amulets – amazes present day onlookers as it did the travellers who journeyed through Sardinia in the 19th Century.

The procession begins at 09:00 in Via Asproni and wends its way through the city, via Piazza d’Italia, Via Cagliari, Via Tavolara, Via Mancini, finishing up in Via Giuseppe Manno.