Alghero Apartments For Sale

Alghero apartments for sale

The most sought after Alghero apartments for sale tend to be in the old town. Alghero consists of two parts, the old and the new. The old town of Alghero has properties of all types squeezed into narrow cobbled streets that rise high above with clothes lines drying the laundry every sunny day. Slotted in between are restaurants, shops and bars to cater for both local and tourists alike. It is a typical old style Italian vista. Because Alghero borders the sea, some of the apartments have sea views, and as can be expected fetch a premium price.
However there are not enough local wealthy individuals that can afford such a luxuries view and so these properties stay on the market for years.

The way the estate agents run the Alghero property market doesn’t help either. They typically charge 6% to convey a property sale, split equally between buyer and seller. Yes, that’s right ….. they charge 3% to the buyer for introducing them to the buyer. Not at all like the U.K.

Although there will be some apartments in Alghero that have been renovated, there are many that have not. Deceased estate accounts for a lot of the old apartments for sale in need of renovation, especially those near the sea. The inheritors position a “Vendesi” sign on a shuttered window, sit back and wait for a buyer to walk by. Waiting comes easy to an Italian, as does paperwork and bureaucracy. The result is sun faded signs flapping in the sea breeze, and ink smudged phone numbers high above street level.

Hopefully this website will go some way to correct this unfortunate situation by offering a portal that can showcase these Alghero apartments and other properties for sale, and bring together the sellers and buyers without the interference of estate agents and their commission driven system.

As the visitors to this website will be mainly non Sardinians, and will be flying in on a budget airline, I recommend multiple viewings and either and local accommodation to make the most of the time and travelling costs.

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