Property for sale and rent in Alghero, Sardinia

It is the tradition in Alghero that property for sale is sold through estate agents. This is good business for the estate agents as they make a charge of at least 3% of the sale price to the buyer, and 3% to the seller. They get a 6% bite of the purchase price sandwich at both ends!

This UK based site is dedicated to offering an alternative to this very greedy practice. By offering Alghero properties for private sale, and only charging the seller an advertising fee on a successful sale, 5% is immediately wiped off the bill. More importantly the buyer does not pay a fee.

However, some properties on this site are in the hands of estate agents and a fee is payable though the notary on completion of the sale.

Feel free to browse the properties and contact the website owner to arrange multiple viewings. The budget airlines Ryanair and Easy Jet fly into Sardinia, and bed and breakfast accommodation is abundant.

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    Close to the sea.
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